meet the tEAM


Bonita Cherry

Owner and Head Brand Strategist

Meet Bonita Cherry, the dynamite behind Outlook Orange. Bonita is rooted in her values and navigates her team through them. With an exceptional ability to articulate brand vision into a solid plan of action, Bonita is driven to tell meaningful brand stories with the purpose of driving business growth. Bonita believes that one will rise by raising others. Where she sees potential, she helps exceed it, whether it be in herself, her employees or the brands she works with.


Wendy Clarence

Resource Manager

Meet Wendy Clarence; with many years of experience and an astute knowledge of business administration and function, Wendy guides the team toward efficiency and excellence. Wendy manages client resources and accounts and she is extremely proficient when it comes to Facebook paid advertising. Wendy is wise and approachable and she affects a culture of teamwork through all that she does.


Kendra Hunn

Project Manager and Brand Strategist

Meet Kendra Hunn, our strategic thinking fashionista. By nature, Kendra is driven, completing tasks in a timely manner but with careful attention to detail. Kendra has an insatiable hunger to learn and grow and if she isn’t meeting with clients and helping craft a brand strategy, she is researching and teaching the team her latest knowledge in digital trends and strategic businesses development tactics. 


Alyssa Naicker

Graphic Designer, UX Strategist and Stylist

Meet Alyssa Naicker, the vibrant personality of Outlook Orange.  With an astute understanding of strategic brand development coupled with awe-inspiring creative talent, Alyssa is able to deliver excellence with ease.  Her passion for UX, art direction, illustration and design, creates the perfect base to craft both effective and memorable work, ensuring that clients grow the businesses they always envisioned.