“Working with Outlook Orange has been a delightful and informative experience, and I would highly recommend your service to any company wishing to promote their business on social media. I was impressed with the way you went to great lengths to understand the Star Schools brand, which your team successfully incorporated into the management of Star Schools various social media profiles. Considering that social media was the only marketing channel we used, the return on investment is marked.”

-Aurette Bowes, Star Schools

Starschools Logos-1.png

“We approached Outlook Orange to guide us with the marketing of our interior design business. Their insight and innovation in guiding and developing our business and brand has been of immense benefit. Outlook Orange has been responsible for our website development, social media pages and our newsletters. In addition to this, they further assisted us on the development of our internal business structures and methodology leading to a easier flow when dealing with clients.”

-Mark Metior, M+M Design

mm designs.png

“Outlook Orange has been committed to seeing the success of Thrive and paid great attention to detail. I am thoroughly happy with the end result.”

-Lynda Mustsaerts, Thrive Phamacy


“Our company was in need of a re-brand, but we had no idea of the direction to take. We teamed with Outlook Orange and we haven’t looked back since. Bonita and her team guided us through the process and devised a new brand that fits perfectly with our strategy and goals. This has assisted greatly in redefining our company image and positioning within the marketplace.”

-Donal Ryan, NUVO Holdings


“Outlook Orange helped create a fresh new look and feel for our brand - Thandana Bag - which is in line with our vision. The team were very professional and the process was seamless.”

-Carla Ashton, Thandana Bag


“Bonita and her team managed to portray the brand of our school in a wonderfully authentic way. She listened to our ideas and enhanced them so that the brand identity of our school came to life.

-Gina Layzell, Winston Park Primary School

WPP primary.png

Outlook Orange have been an incredibly creative and dedicated team who have produced work which in return has brought back such a positive response to Evolution Architects. Bonita and her staff have worked on every aspect of the best possible marketing available to promote our profession which is specific to our practice. They constantly continue to keep their work contemporary and competitive. This assists all their clients in every way. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Outlook Orange. They can be proud of their creation of the brands and/or marketing of all current and future sucessfull businesses they have worked with.

-Raewyn Hahoe, Evolution Architects


"Outlook Orange gave my business the edge it was lacking and the push forward that it needed. I recommend them to every business owner in search of new leads, and a reliable marketing company who will look after their investment.”

-Meliza Mary, Meliza Mary Bridal Wear


"Bonita, this is not only simple and powerful it is also beautiful. Please thank all the key makers for me. Be  proud of your team.”

-Pierre Bienvenue, Impi Solutions


“Honored to have worked with this amazing team of strategic creatives with purpose!”

-Michelle Schlussas, Michelle Schlussas

michelle schlussas.png

"Thank you to the awesome team at Outlook Orange for the rebrand and new website designed”

-Emily Lockhart, Emily Lockhart Event Co Ordinator

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"Thank you Outlook Orange. It’s so incredible working with you”

-Lauren Staats, Douglas Road Signature Gifting

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